The Bed Bound Bondage

The Bed Bound Bondage

Introducing Olivia Kinks and Bedbound Bondage

Hello, I am Olivia Kinks, and not to sound too much like an x factor audition, me and my husband are Bedbound Bondage. We are working with CirqueSeduction to bring you honest reviews and sexy product content. 

I am an adult model, I have been for only a few months now, however I seem to have gone down quite well with the general population and have accumulated over 5k followers on Twitter and been apart of content such as PSS, and Babestation is on the cards in the new year.

One thing I am very proud of in my adult career is that I am honest, I am genuine, and I am normal. I pride myself on remain true to who I am, I will take a messy no makeup selfie just to say goodnight and show videos of me lip syncing with a glass dildo microphone. So, I can assure you that all the content you see from me will be genuine and true, whether that’s a blog post like this or a product review.

Me and my husband have been in the fetish/BDSM community for 4 years+ now and as of last year, my husband became a quadriplegic. Don’t get me wrong, this has been a hard adjustment for us, however it has not broken our sexy spirits. So, the Bedbound Bondage side that you will see here is our perspective and reviews as a kinky couple, but also as a disabled half of the couple. We will be talking about disability and kink, how we have adapted, and an honest review of CirqueSeduction products from a disabled person.

CirqueSeduction have a massive array of sex toys for men, women and couples along with a dedicated large selection for the BDSM and Fetish scene, with bondage kits, bondage restraints, Chasity devices for male & female's, floggers, whips, canes, ball gags, clothes for your fetish events you will be attending, motorized sex toys and many other types of BDSM toys are available through them. They offer all these high-quality products for reasonable prices and amazing fast, discreet shipping. 

You can find the Sex Toys, products and Lingerie I use and wear here on my Content Creator Page

Olivia Kinks February 19, 2020

Sex Is Fluid

Now first things first, sex is a spectrum there is no one way or two ways to play, even within types of sex there are a spectrum of millions of possibilities. One way that this makes sex so amazing, other than the freedom of sexuality, is the adaptability. No matter the situation or the changes that...
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